Internet Resources I Use And
Recommend Are Listed Below To Help You
Wayne’s Top Picks

As most of you know, since the early days of the internet, I’ve created many websites to sell products. I sold my first product from a website in 1995.

Why Stumble Around Like I Did When You Can
Profit From My 19+ Years On The Internet

I stumbled around learning how to make money selling products and services on the internet. For 19 years I’ve owned product and catalog websites. Our catalog websites ranked number one or two and were selling over $1 Million a year. I struggled to understand how websites worked and made money. Then it happened, I began to find the right resources to help me and my businesses make money using the web.

Some of the items below are free and some have a fee. All of these recommendations are products or services we use on our websites. However, some of the companies will give us an advertising fee when you buy something they sell. Thank you for allowing us to refer you to these great resources that I believe in.

Register domain names and URLsChoosing a Website Address for Your New Website at

The website address you choose is very important. The Internet calls your website address a “domain name” and I reserve most of my website addresses at NamesCheap domain registration B-U-T . . . .  (Click here to read more)

Hosting Your WebsiteJVZoo Hosting
At JVZoo Hosting
After choosing a Domain name also called a URL (that’s the address you type into your browser to get to your new website), you will need to host that domain somewhere…….   (Click here to read more)

Hosting Your WebsiteHostzilla Website Hosting
At Hostzilla Hosting
Another place to host your website that works well for marketers like us is Hostzilla. They provide all the normal services designed specifically for marketers like us. They have . . . . (Click here to read more)

Contact Management and Automated eMail CommunicatActiveCampaignWords200ions System Is a Must – The One I Depend On Is ActiveCampaign
You should constantly be communicating with your customers and prospects.  AND, you should have a method to collect the email address, mailing address and . . . .   (Click here to read more)

Easy website password browser add onSave a Lot of Time with Automatic Password Manager That
I Use Constantly From “Roboform
I was constantly looking for the username and password for my many WordPress websites and resource website logins I have across the internet. IT WAS A PAIN until I found . . . . (Click here to read more)

Wordpress Blog SoftwareCreate Your Blog Quickly
With Free WordPress Software
You can quickly create a professional looking blog with ease. WordPress is now the primary software that I am using to publish my blogs and. . . .   (Click here to read more)

ProfitBuilder WordPress PluginPB_125x125
For Vortex Pages™, Sales Pages, Squeeze Pages & Blogs
WordPress with the ProfitBuilder Plugin and Theme is my new choice for creating quick and easy websites and webpages. Your webpages should sell what you have and . . . .   (Click here to read more)

Instant Article WizardInstant Article Wizard
Research and write articles and Free Reports –FAST
I know many of you struggle with writing articles and free reports for your business. In fact, one of the fastest ways to move your website up the search engine rankings to top of the first page is to. . .
(Click here to read more)

Article Video Robot SoftwareArticle Video Robot
Convert Articles You Write Into Video
One of the fastest ways to get new prospects and traffic to your Website Vortex Pages™ is to create videos that you can upload to free video hosting sites on the. . .
(Click here to read more)

Instant TeleseminarTeleseminars and Webinars Will Attract More Customers
And The InstantTeleseminar System I Use Makes It Easy

Why talk to customers one at a time when you can reach dozens, hundreds, even thousands in one shot? Teleseminars and Webinars can (and should) be integrated into every . . . .   (Click here to read more)

 3D Mail Results3D Mail Devices & Bonus Offer Products
 That Stand Out And Get Results

When you send direct mail letters, the best written sales letter has no value if it doesn’t get opened. I often design sales letters for my clients with a device inserted in the envelope that creates curiosity and . . . . . . . .   (Click here to read more)

Great Dan Kennedy Style PrinterDone For You Direct Mail Strategies
From A Printer That Understands Marketers Like Us

Outrageous Marketing Products is a printing company I use to improve the open rate and the response rate of my direct mail pieces. You must get . . . . . . . .   (Click here to read more)